Page 11 - SUEZ - Roadmap / 2017 - 2021: taking action for the resource revolution
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Climate change is a reality and the deployment of the circular and low-carbon economy on a large scale is a necessity.
        SUEZ is a provider of waste recovery and reuse solutions that is committed to increasing its production of secondary
        raw materials and renewables. SUEZ’s activities are on the way to reaching the “2°” objective, thanks to its commitments
        to attenuating climate change and to adapting to its consequences on water resources, wherever the Group is present.

         SUEZ is convinced that the ecological transition will only be sustainable if economic models change.
        SUEZ has promised to introduce a directive carbon price in 60% of the annual expenditure committed to new projects

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         Adhere to the 2 degrees       Adapt to the consequences of   Promote material recycling,   Develop climate-responsible
         target by mitigating the      climate disruption on water   recovery and reuse            models
         causes of climate change

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