Page 12 - SUEZ - Roadmap / 2017 - 2021: taking action for the resource revolution
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                          COMMITMENT                                         COMMITMENT

                         Adhere to the 2 degrees target by                  Adapt to the consequences
                         mitigating the causes of climate change            of climate change on water

                         SUEZ has signed up to achieve the 2-degree target by raising   By 2035, 40% of the world’s population will live in regions suffering
                         the ambition set forth in the preceding Roadmap. The Group   from water stress, if no action is taken to secure water resources.
                         is committed to limiting the carbon footprint of its activities in   SUEZ is committed to saving water through the improved
                         all the countries where it operates, with targets to reduce GHG   control of leaks and consumption, and to maximising the offer
                         emissions on the basis of 2015. Fitting out all storage sites with   by increasing the available volumes of alternative water
                         biogas recovery systems, a reinforced clean vehicles policy and   (reuse of wastewater, desalination).
                         the improvement of the energy performance of the activities will
                         all help to achieve these targets.                 SUEZ provides industry with solutions to limit its water footprint
                                                                            and is working to raise awareness of the consequences of climate
                         SUEZ is also committed to helping its customers in industry and   change on water through the Business Alliance for Water and the
                         local government to avoid GHG emissions thanks to dedicated   Climate. Preventing is as important as adapting. SUEZ develops
                         circular economy solutions (waste-to-material and waste-to-  predictive tools to prevent the risk of flooding for local authorities,
                         energy) and by doubling the recovery of plastics, which is a major   irrespective of their size.
                         economic and environmental challenge.

                                                                            n Systematically offer to our customers plans
                         n Reduce direct and indirect GHG emissions by 10% by 2021,   of resilience to the effects of climate change
                         and 30% by 2030
                         n Help our customers to avoid more than 60 MtCO2  of GHG by 2021  n Promote the different usages of water by multiplying
                                                                            by 3 our alternative water production capacity by 2030
                         n Double the volume of recycled plastics           n Save the equivalent of the water
                         n Increase the production of renewable energy by more than 10%  consumption of a city of more than 2 million inhabitants

                           The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations  The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

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