Page 13 - SUEZ - Roadmap / 2017 - 2021: taking action for the resource revolution
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        COMMITMENT                                          COMMITMENT

        Promote material recycling,                        Develop climate-responsible
        recovery and reuse                                 models

        Every one of SUEZ’s employees is working for the Resource   The fight against climate change and the large-scale deployment
        Revolution. Shifting the Group’s activities towards the circular   of the circular economy both demand the creation of a new economic
        economy is the most effective means of achieving this end.  model structured to take external environmental and social impacts
                                                           into consideration.
        The circular economy disconnects growth from the consumption
        of natural resources, while also reducing GHG emissions. The Group   SUEZ is working to develop this model by adopting an internal
        is renewing its goal to increase the proportion of waste turned   carbon price, by systematically proposing a remuneration of
        into secondary raw materials and is making this goal worldwide   operators indexed to global performance, by participating in efforts
        in scope.                                          to develop material circularity indicators that will make the
                                                           measurement of the impacts of the new model more robust and
                                                           by encouraging a revolution in attitudes through the implementation
                                                           of a genuine circular economy culture.

                                                           n Introduce a directive carbon price in 60%
                                                           of the annual expenditure committed to new projects
                                                           n Introduce a harmonised global circularity indicator
        OBJECTIVES                                         for goods and services

        n Increase the production of secondary             n Systematically offer pay packages partially index-linked
        raw materials by 20%                               to our global performance
        n Achieve a ratio of 2 tonnes of waste for reuse,   n Raise employee awareness and promote training
        for every tonne of waste that is disposed of.      in emerging models (carbon accounting, new business models etc.)

          The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations  The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

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