Page 3 - SUEZ - Roadmap / 2017 - 2021: taking action for the resource revolution
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It also addresses emerging issues by launching action plans
                                                           to better meet the challenges of globalisation, such
                                                           respecting human rights, favouring collaborative ways
                                                           of working and providing our customers with modular and
                                                           more flexible solutions. SUEZ’s new commitments were
                                                           designed to further the greater good, in particular by
        In keeping with previous versions (2008-2012 and   protecting the oceans and by promoting biodiversity
        2012-2016), the 2017-2021 Roadmap was drawn up     and access to essential services for all. They are based on,
        on the basis of an extensive internal and external   and will help to achieve, the Sustainable Development Goals
        consultation procedure targeting over 5,000 people and   of the United Nations.
        using different types of tools: a materiality analysis that
        enabled us to prioritise the issues at stake, and consultative   The commitments in the 2017-2021 Roadmap are measured
        panels of employees, individual shareholders and external   by indicators of results or progress that will be published
        stakeholders. This strong process of dialogue enabled   annually in the Group’s Integrated Report, and will be
        us to include new and emerging issues.             verified by an independent third party. They will provide
                                                           the opportunity for annual dialogue with internal and
        The new Roadmap marks out our path to 2021, with four   external stakeholders, who will challenge and, if necessary,
        top priorities that define our vision of the future: to be a   adjust how the action plans are implemented.
        collaborative, open and responsible company (priority 1),
        to be the leader of the circular and low-carbon economy   "Our ambition to become the leader
        (priority 2) that supports our customers’ environmental
        transition with concrete solutions (priority 3) and that   in sustainable resource management
        contributes to the greater good (priority 4). Each priority   is based on the new 2017-2021 Roadmap
        is backed up by commitments that set the heading and will   and will drive the company towards
        be fulfilled by implementing dedicated action plans.
                                                           global performance."
        This new Roadmap renews some of the commitments    Jean-Louis Chaussade,
        made for 2012-2016 by setting even more ambitious goals,   CEO of SUEZ
        particularly in employee health and safety, material
        recovery and waste-to-energy, and the reduction of
        greenhouse gas emissions.

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