Page 5 - SUEZ - Roadmap / 2017 - 2021: taking action for the resource revolution
P. 5

1  Promote diversity                                  PRIORITY 1
          and wellbeing in the workplace

       2  Act to ensure health and                        Be a collaborative,                          9  Put forward 100 % sustainable solutions
                                                              open and
          safety in the workplace
                                                         responsible company                             Accelerate the Digital Revolution
          Foster collaborative                                                                        10  in Water & Waste Solutions
       3  and partnership working                                                                        for agriculture, industry,
                                                                                                         cities and citizens
       4  Master the stakes                                                                               Innovate to develop decentralised
          linked to globalization
                                      PRIORITY 2                                    PRIORITY 3        11  or modular solutions for
                                                                                                          the territories of the planet
                                                                                   Support with
                                      Be the leader                              concrete solutions   12  Sustain trust by reinforcing
                                     of the circular                             the environmental        the means for inclusive governance
                                     and low-carbon                                 transition

        5  Adhere to the 2 degrees     economy                                     of our clients
          target by mitigating the causes
          of climate change

        6  Adapt to the consequences                                                                  13  Act for the health of the environment
          of climate change on water                                                                     and the protection of the oceans
                                                             PRIORITY 4                                  Promote biodiversity
        7  Promote material recycling,                                                                14  and ecosystem services
          recovery and reuse
                                                            Contribute to
        8  Develop climate-responsible models             the common good                             15 Advance access to essential services

                                                                                                      16  Contribute to local development
                                                                                                         and territorial attractiveness

                                               17    Strengthen the sustainable development implementation with the SUEZ WAY

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