Page 8 - SUEZ - Roadmap / 2017 - 2021: taking action for the resource revolution
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                          COMMITMENT                                         COMMITMENT

                         Promote diversity and                              Act to ensure health
                         wellbeing in the workplace                         and safety in the workplace

                         SUEZ must reflect the societies and the regions where it operates.   The protection of the safety of the men and women who work
                         The Group commits to promoting equal opportunities by continuing   for SUEZ remains an imperative. Nothing related to this subject
                         the Diversity Programme launched in 2012.          can ever be definitively taken for granted.

                         Diversity is an essential component of well-being in a company.   The safety targets are amongst the most ambitious in the industry,
                         It offers everyone the capacity to play a role in the transformation   including responsibility for zero fatal accidents, irrespective of the
                         of activities related to the Resource Revolution through dedicated   person’s status.
                         training programmes.                               The ambition is maintained to further reduce the frequency rates
                         Well-being is an essential factor of the commitment that must   in water and waste activities, wherever the Group is present,
                         be measured. SUEZ has committed to maintaining the now uniform   and amongst employees and subcontractors. Greater consideration
                         initiative of internal surveys and to implementing the necessary   will be given to health and safety results in the assessment of
                         plans for progress.                                managers’ performances.

                         n Train more than 80%                              n 100% of restricted access zones
                         of Group employees every year                      equipped with suitable signage systems

                         n Achieve a level of 33% of management             n Reduce the frequency rate for all Group activities
                         positions filled by women Group-wide               Frequency rate Water <5
                         n Reach 100% coverage and 60% rate                 Frequency rate Waste <13
                         of employee participation in commitment surveys    Subcontractors frequency rate on the decrease

                           The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations  The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

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