Page 9 - SUEZ - Roadmap / 2017 - 2021: taking action for the resource revolution
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3                                                  4
        COMMITMENT                                          COMMITMENT

        Foster collaborative                               Master the stakes
        and partnership working                            linked to globalization

        The relations governing organisations and ecosystems are   The company exercises its responsibility in an ever more
        increasingly collaborative and horizontal. SUEZ produces   globalised world, demanding both precautionary measures,
        collective intelligence, innovation and togetherness, which is the   such as the security of employees’ and customers’ personal data,
        reason why it intends to encourage this movement on three levels.  but also the promotion of the Group’s convictions and values.
        First, amongst employees. The Group is committed to favouring   Workers’ rights are fundamental human rights. Wherever
        the use of new collaborative tools, such as Skype, yammer   it operates, all of SUEZ’s subsidiaries are committed to
        and Sharepoint, to enable everyone to build networks of internal   strengthening and guaranteeing the smooth working of social
        relationships based on interest communities. Second, in terms   dialogue systems. The Group has rolled out a vigilance plan
        of innovation, to become more open to the world of start-ups.   for its supply chain to guarantee respect for human rights and
        And third, with customers, in order to reinforce the principles   to reinforce the promotion of CSR in its relations with suppliers.
        of the shared control that is a guarantor of efficiency and
        performance for industry and local authorities.

        OBJECTIVES                                          OBJECTIVES
        n Increase the coverage of collaborative tools     n Increase the number of supplier

        n Increase to 15 the number of start-ups           contracts with CSR clauses
        in which SUEZ acquires an interest                 n Increase the proportion of employees
        n Increase the number of structures                covered by a social dialogue system to 95%
        with shared governance or control                  n Increase the proportion of employees aware of cybersecurity

          The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations  The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

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